Petrochemical sector

Petrochemical sector

For many years, iPB Printing has been producing labels for national and international corporations in the petrochemical sector.
Thanks to the knowledge we have acquired through our other business units, we can safely claim to be specialists in printing on synthetic substrates.

Extra permanent glue

Of course, you may need more initial adhesive strength. Is your surface polar? Are you applying your labels using air pressure? Or do you want to make it impossible to separate your labels from your products?imglabelspetrochemisch

Our people can advise you on the ‘peel’ and ‘tack’ value. These are measured on the basis of the Finat Test Method (FTM). Incidentally, aL Printing is a member of this international sector association.

Ink adhesion and the chemical durability of the labels are guaranteed by means of process monitoring and extensive internal laboratory tests.