Laminated IML

Laminated IML

If the end product requires dishwasher resistance or direct mouth and/or food contact, our laminated in-mould labels are the best solution.

Direct food contact

Because we laminate ‘inline’, we can guarantee that there is no direct contact between our inks and the laminated PP film throughout the entire production process.

Dishwasher safe

Using the ‘reverse printing’ technique, the labels are given a beautiful sheen. However, our laminated solution goes much further:

  • Our in-mould labels can handle more than 100 washes, while many competing labels will blister or even come off after 10 to 20 washes.
  • Our technique allows us to print ‘all over’ without the ugly transparent edge at the top and bottom of the label that you often see elsewhere.

With iPB, lamination does not have to mean that the in-mould labels become stiffer. Our R&D department has recently developed a new concept into a smooth running laminated label of no more than 50-55 μm.


  • Odourless
  • Scratch-resistant
  • No contamination of inks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pasteurisation-proof
  • Mono-material, so 100% recyclable

Possibilities in ‘look and feel’

  • High gloss or matt laminate
  • ‘Soft touch’ laminate
  • ‘Advanced white’ (high opacity)
  • ‘Frosted white’ look