iPB Sample box

iPB Printing BV introduces its unique iPB Sample box!

The look and feel of your packaging is crucial if you want your brand to distinguish itself from the competition in the stores. In-mould labels guarantee maximum brand awareness thanks to the possibility of all-over printing and the many choices of materials, inks and varnishes.

We could tell you all about the many possibilities, but we would much rather show you. After all, with the physical end product in your hands, you will know immediately what makes our IML different.

For this reason, we have developed our unique iPB Sample box: 6 sample cups with the theme iPB Yoghurt show you the difference between a matt and glossy finish on normal transparent, super clear, orange peel and solid white material.

Request our free iPB Sample box below, and you will be amazed by the highest print quality the IML market has to offer!

Request your iPB sample box here