iPB Printing is closely involved in the development of a unique concept when it comes to recycling plastic food packaging.

Thin and light

The In Mould Labels that we produce are thin and light, which means that the share of the label compared to the entire packaging is minimal.

Depending on the end product, the thickness of the foil construction can vary between 40 and 60 microns.


We print a laminated label. This means that the ink is enclosed between two layers, so there is no ink contamination during recycling of the packaging.


Another unique property of the in-mold label is its peelability. This property causes the label to detach from the packaging during shredding in the recycling process. This makes it possible to reuse the pure plastic again and again without contamination.

The printed label is disposed by another recycling stream in the same process.

Double sided print

The peel-off concept also offers opportunities in the field of marketing. We can print on both sides of the label, so that the inside of the label is also visible when a consumer peels the label from the packaging. For example, you can place more product information or a promotional campaign on the inside.

A+++ rating

The RecyPeel IML is certified together with the ICM cup from Netstal with a A+++ rating, which means it is 100% recyclable. View certificate.