Printing technique

Flexo and digital

Flexo Printing

HD-UV flexo up to 10 colours, narrow web (up to 670mm), in-line lamination.

In the offset printing sector, process control and standardization have been established worldwide. For flexoprint, however, it’s a whole new world. Through careful investment in people, machines, materials and other resources, the graphic quality of our flexo and digital printing presses match the quality of processes like offset and intaglio printing.

iPB Printing is specialised in handling small to medium sized jobs for the packaging market. Our team of employees is ready to assist you in finding ever better solutions to new market demands and working with you to develop innovative solutions for your packaging problems. iPB Printing produces at the highest achievable level of graphic quality and can creatively build on your ideas to develop cost-efficient solutions.flexoprint01

The modern, fully equipped workplace, including 3 presses, enables printing in 1 to 10 colours on materials ranging in width from 250 to 670 mm.

The construction of the presses makes it possible to carry out additional in-line processes during printing. Laminating, punching, spot gluing, backside printing, client-specific lacquering and similar processes can be performed in a single pass.

Digital printing

Variable printing of both text and images, small runs, colouring power.

Digital printing of labels and flexible packaging makes the dream of the marketing department a reality. Immediate response to the current market situation, small runs and test marketing are all perfect applications for digital printing. Adding a unique safety code to each label or printing a unique image on each package are inspiring ideas for the creation of attractive packaging.

The Xeikon printing press in Reusel is supremely well suited to the production of labels and flexible packaging with superb print quality. The compilation of a printed image through CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) produces just a limited xeikonDigitaalportion of the spectrum possible with PMS (Pantone Mixing System). To remedy this situation, iPB Printing has developed its own system that makes use of all the colour possibilities of the Xeikon press.

Thanks to this development it is now possible to achieve a large conventional PMS spectrum. To aid the client, the PMS colours are printed on various substrates so the suitable colour can be selected at a glance.